Cutting and stripping machine AM 1000


The AM 1000 compact cut-and-strip machine

Although the Metzner AM 1000 is our smallest model, this cable cutting machine is ideally equipped for your professional requirements. This is true both for the processing options and the interfaces for the entire range of peripheral devices. An excellent software package is also included as standard.

Outstanding processing possibilities thanks to a wide range of cross-sections

On the one hand, our Metzner AM 1000 has the necessary sensitivity to process cables with a cross-section of 0.14 mm². On the other hand, the cable cutting machine has the capacity for 6.0 mm² cable cross-sections. It also cuts and striping flat ribbon and Teflon cables. 

Naturally, the Metzner AM 1000 has a complete set of interfaces. This means that the cable cut and strip machine is prepared for a variety of feeding devices as well as winders and stackers. As it is also prepared for various printing technologies, you can transform the table model into a fully equipped processing line.

Of course, Metzner has also thought about user-friendliness. The Metzner AM 1000 is equipped with a tilting 12″ color touchscreen as standard. The graphical user interface is also identical to the other machines. This means you do not have to retrain your team. The software for creating the cable list also comes as standard.


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