Cutting and stripping machines AM 3000 series


The Metzner AM 3000 cable cut and strip machines range

The models of the AM 3000 cable cut and strip machines range perfectly fulfill every cable cutting job. On the one hand, they can be perfectly adapted to your needs with various peripherals from the same company. On the other hand, they offer a whole range of benefits:

  • High flexibility, since one machine is able to process cables from 0.5 to 70 mm² section. No optional equipment needed
  • Toolless change of blades and guides
  • Higher productivity thanks to a transport speed of up to 180 m per minute
  • Prepared to add a wide range of pre- and post-processing peripherials. 100 % compatability with all Metzner and Ramatech peripherals
  • Increased processing thanks to the "Metzner double knife", the system where the knife, not the cable, changes the path
  • Gentle material processing thanks to the special belt transport system
  • MES interface connection on board

Of course, the Metzner AM 3800 as well as the AM 3850 with rotary processing can be customized to your individual needs.

In addition, both the Metzner AM 3800 and the AM 3850 are available with automatic processing of the inner conductor.


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