High voltage and EV cable processing machine EM 100



  • Removing the outer sheath
  • Removing the cable foil
  • Mounting the protective sleeve
  • Shortening the cable shield
  • Remove filling material / inner conductor

Single stations for HV cable foil processing

Metzner offers low-cost individual stations in the field of e‑mobility for the entry into high voltage cable processing. For the first time, the EM 101 module offers a solution for removing the cable foil without affecting the cable shield. The automatic processing of high-voltage cable wires also necessitates the connection of various components of the connector system. The Metzner EM 102 takes care of this. The EM 103 allows the cable shield to be opened and cut using a patented process which ensures that there is absolutely no contact with the inner insulation. The EM 103S offers the functionality of the proven EM 103 to meet the requirements of smaller cable wires of up to 8 mm diameter. These cost-effective models cannot be integrated into an automation line and are equipped with only limited traceability functions.

Semi-automatic cable processing

With its many patented solutions, Metzner has been involved in processing high-voltage cable wires with special requirements for years. The following video shows the processing steps of a high-voltage cable with our semi-automatic EM modules. 


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