High voltage and EV cable processing machine EM 300


Modular single station for HV connector processing

The Metzner EM 300 platform offers further convenience in high voltage cable processing through a quick change of process tools and faster cycle times. Depending on the requirements, the HV cable processing machine can thus be equipped with different tools for cable processing. This means that the EM 300 can be used for several processing steps and is prepared for a wide range of processes. In addition, with the EM 300 we protect your investment by offering improved expandability that enables “plug-and-play” integration of future new applications.

Special features

  • Various stations can be installed in the Metzner EM 300 thanks to its modular design. Thus, the EM 300 is versatile and ready for your requirements.
  • Prepared for full traceability and Industry 4.0
  • Designed for quick and easy changing of process tools.
  • The EM 300 is designed to be interlinked with multiple stations to achieve greater automation
  • EM 300 protects your investment by offering tool change and upgrade options.


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