High voltage and EV cable processing machine EM 600


High voltage cable processing with up to 6 exchangeable tools

The EM 600 can integrate up to six successive process tools in one single station. After insertion, the hv cable remains in a fixed position while the tools move towards the cable to provide optimum protection for the HV cable wires. The total cycle time of an EM 600 station is approx. 35 seconds for all operations of this station, with a total capacity of approx. 400,000 cable ends per year.

Special features

  • Modular automation platform to accommodate the full process portfolio of HV wiring harnesses 
  • Easy expansion of the platform with additional processes and upgrade to a higher level of automation. 
  • Designed for quick and easy changing of process tools. In addition, the EM 600 can be easily converted to cable cross-sections. 
  • The platform is so designed either to be loaded and unloaded by an employee or to have the cable wires transferred fully automatically
  • Two to three EM 600 stations can be easily operated in parallel by just one operator. Since the cycle time is less than 30 seconds, time and resources are reduced.


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