High voltage and EV cable processing machine EM 900


HV cable assembly incl. connector assembly fully automated

Metzner has a clear understanding of the future and transforms existing processes into fully automated system solutions. Workstations that were previously operated separately are now combined into fully automatic production lines. The starting point of an automatic processing line is the hv cable that is wound on a reel. The end result is a completed hv cable assembly with a mounted plug system

Special features

  • The EM 900 is equipped with a transfer system that transports the cable wires on a cable carrier, either straight or coiled, to the individual stations. 
  • Very flexible design for quick and easy check-in and station verification. 
  • The production line operates fully automatically with no need for a machine operator. 
  • The EM 900 has integrated automatic and camera-based quality control. 
  • Complete traceability of the cable wires produced and Industry 4.0 as standard equipment. 


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