Application examples

Food and beverages

Highest production reliability and extremely high production speeds with typefaces of exceptionally high print quality, all designed to meet the requirements of the food and beverages industry.

Professional implementation of flexible labeling solutions ensures smooth and problem-free production processes, whether for shelf life, batch tracking, date of production or other information.

Consumer products

For statutory labeling, which provides internal quality controls and offering tracking or information for customers. In addition to the use-by date, labeling often includes encoded information about the production date, the shift during which the product was packaged and the relevant machine used in production. In the event of a recall, the data should ensure that problems in the production process can be quickly identified and remedied.


With pinpoint sharp bar codes, 2D codes, logos and text segments, freely programmable labeling systems enable flexible labeling of packaging materials, including on flexible materials such as foils, tubular bags or even packaging that is not flat - all at commercially attractive costs.

Cables and pipes

Whether for difficult ambient conditions, high production speeds on the lines or for integration in state-of-the-art production lines: with labeling solutions from KBA-Metronic, cable, wire and pipe manufacturers can rely on the latest technology for efficient labeling of their products.

Automotive and electronics

One way to quickly identify copies and forged products is the use of informative product designations with encoded manufacturing dates, batch numbers and other data.

Another advantage of product labeling is traceability. In the event of a manufacturing fault, defective parts can be identified and scrapped, based on their identification.

Standard labeling methods include 1D and 2D bar codes, as well as alphanumeric texts, graphics and logos.

Pharmaceuticals and cosmetics

Particularly in the pharmaceutical and cosmetics industries, counterfeit-proof labeling and complete tracking capability for products play an increasingly important role.

In addition to integrating the labeling technology in the production line, software of the KBA coding systems can establish ties to databases, which reduces operational costs.

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