Semi-Automatic Seal Inserter


The SASi - Semi -Automatic Seal inserter machine, is a low cost solution for seal insertion, with error proof and automatic insertion of seals.

The machine is completely flexible, being able to work with different seals, connectors and insertion patterns.

For selecting different combinations, the machine has the following quick setup exchangeable components: a connectors tray, an insertion pattern tray and a seals mask. These components are bundled into a pre-programmed reference, which can be later used during production.

The operation starts by selecting which reference the operator wants to produce and then by inserting the correspondent trays into the machine.

In order to avoid any error or wrong combination, each tray is equipped with a RFID tag, which are verified before the operation starts.

If all components are ok, the operator positions the connectors into the respective tray and the seals into the seal’s mask and presses 2 buttons or a foot pedal to insert the seals. All seals present in the configuration are inserted at the same time.

For organization purposes, the machine can be supplied with a storage unit to store all trays.

Automatic Punching Machine


An automatic system designed to break plastic pins from connectors (punching system) in a fast and automatic way.

It ensures high quality and precise results with burr free cut and undamaged connector’s vias.

It has dedicated tools for each vias’ pattern.

The punching patterns are changeable semi-automatically or manually.

It can punch 2 connectors in each operation.

Combined with this flexibility, it also has a high productivity, since all pins are broken at the same time.

The same machine can be used for different connectors by changing the base plate.

Punching Automated Optical Inspection


The P-AOI – Punching Automated Optical Inspection is a system designed to perform visual inspection of previously punched connectors in order to check if the punching process is in accordance with the required.

The machine verifies if the correct holes are punched and the quality of the punch (hole clearance and burr dimensions).

The punching pattern to be verified is selected using a barcode reader or supplied by an APM machine.

The patterns are defined locally, by the user as well as the hole clearance and acceptance threshold.

The user places the punched connectors into a matrix and presses a button to start the inspection process.

The software automatically identifies if the pattern is the correct one and which holes are OK and NOK.

The matrix is flexible for different connectors, but can also be exchanged if needed.

New connectors identification software can be easily upgraded into the machine.

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