APM - Automatic Punching Machine


An automatic system designed to break plastic pins from connectors (punching system) in a fast and automatic way.
It ensures high quality and precise results with burr free cut and undamaged connector’s vias.
It has dedicated tools for each vias’ pattern.
The punching patterns are changeable semi-automatically or manually.
It can punch 2 connectors in each operation.
Combined with this flexibility, it also has a high productivity, since all pins are broken at the same time.
The same machine can be used for different connectors by changing the base plate.

2FS- Flexible Feeding System


The 2FS- Flexible Feeding System, is a low-cost vibration robotic parts feeder.

It can work in standalone mode or integrated with automation systems.

Compatible with all parts geometry: it can use a blank tray or specific orientation masks to separate and orientate parts in a specific position.

The orientation mask and feeding tray replacement is done without tools allowing a quick purge and replacement of components.

Due to its adjustable backlight and integration with vision systems, it allows a precise and reliable parts’ detection.

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