Technical data 

User Interface

Color Graphic touch screen & mouse pad




880N to 8.8kN, 0.22N resolution


+/- 1mm, 1.0um resolution



Voltage Supply

100-240VAC (50-60Hz)




Yes (Optional)


480 X 380 X 180 mm




  • Validate the capability of your crimp presses to dynamically deliver repeatable shut height and peak force

Comprehensive Press Analysis

  • Provides comprehensive press performance reports, displayed or printed in a selection of formats (trend, histogram, data)
  • Yields a CPK computation and standard deviation for both press shut height and force
  • Analyzes the press shut height and force variation, and stability for selected load conditions
  • An effective tool for diagnosis of the press capability under various dynamic conditions – warm up, different loads, cycle speeds, etc

Complete Tool Kit

  • Includes CAL5000 unit, CAL5000 load simulator and carrying case.
  • The load simulator incorporates the necessary force and shut height position sensors.

Universal Application

  • Designed for use with all crimp press models
  • Language configurable

Calibrate yor CFM

  • Interconnects with all models of OES’s ForceWorx and ForceView product lines including CFM1000, CFM2x03, CFM4x03, and the CPM5x00

Shut Height Adjustment

  • The CAL5000 leads the operator through a procedure to precisely adjust the press shut height to 135.78mm under dynamic load conditions

Simple Connectivity

  • Ethernet connection to interface with plant network

Press Maintenance

  • Performing scheduled press calibration removes any question regarding press performance or capability
  • Operators can validate press performance following maintenance to confirm capability within pre-established CPK guidelines
  • Benchmark press models for relative performance and capability

Quality Control Initiatives

  • Multiple press cycles under simulated load will clearly reveal the capability of the press to deliver repeatable force and shut height
  • Supports calibration of the CFM in support of plant QMS systems
  • Traceability – press capability reports stored or optionally exported in a format compatible with printed hardcopy

CAL5000 typically includes:

  • CAL5000 Unit
  • Press analysis  software
  • Mini Keyboard
  • CAL5000 Load Simulator
  • Connecting Cables
  • Shipping / Carrying case
  • User Manual
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