Powerful, precise and flexible

The cable cutting and stripping machines from ramatech are characterized as outstandingly powerful and flexible cable processing centre. Cables with a diameter between 3 mm to 40 mm and a cross-section of up to 400 mm² are precisely cut to length (machines Speedy 40 H / RS 40 H) and selectively stripped to lengths >10 mm (Speedy 40). With its individual touchscreen display, the Speedy 40 offers a customizable operator interface. In this way production jobs can be created easily and material properties changed quickly, in addition the machine works with article lists / bill of material. The machines Speedy 40 und RS 40 can be equipped with an ink-jet printer for labelling cables. A longitudinal slitting unit is available for the cutting and stripping machine Speedy 40. The versatile and powerful peripherals (prefeeding and post-processing machines) from ramatech enable these stand-alone machines to be flexibly extended to create a complete cable processing line. 

Special features

  • Easy integration with cable feeding systems
  • User-friendly software interface
  • Short changeover times for frequent material changes (Speedy 40)
  • Individual torque control (RS 40)
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