The powerful cutting machine

Easy handling, fast and convenient entry of cable data via LCD Terminal. The predefined interface simplifies the connection to cable feeding systems, such as cable dereelers, cable rack systems, as well as post-processing machine, such as cable coilers KRI 450 / 850 or stackers KA 3000 / 6000. With the RS 40, torque and speed can be adjusted quickly. A potentiometer allows for precise regulation of cable tension. The Ramatech RS 40 is optionally available with swivel rollers. This makes any movement particularly easy (e.g. alongside a reel rack).


  • Optional, hydraulic cutting unit available (RS 40 H) for applications where other machines cannot keep up (e.g. cross sections up to 400 mm² or cables with high copper content)
  • Production directly from a (passive) reel rack system without any reservoir system possible (regulated tension by potentiometer)
  • No cable slipping through usage of independent measuring wheel


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