Cutting and Stripping Machine SPEEDY 40


The high performance processing center for cables

The user-friendly Speedy software platform guides operators step by step reliably and conveniently trough the production process, thanks to an excellent user navigation. The predefined interface allows a very easy connection and integration of dereelers, cable reel rack systems as well as cable coilers KRI 450 / 850 or cable stackers KA 3000 / 6000. Priority definition of production sequences and cable set lists. Process data can be transfered directly into the Speedy 40 job lists via worksheets or direct communiation. Short changeover times are particularly important for frequent material changes. Thanks to the plug-in interchangeable parts, a material change can be carried out quickly.


  • Ink-jet printing with multiple colours (single- or doublesided) is available. The positioning of the print heads close to the cutting blades avoids cable waste
  • A slitting unit for intermediate stripping and for long stripping length (at the beginning and the end of cable) is available
  • The Speedy 40 is designed to also process larger cables with high copper content or cross sections up to 400 mm²
  • Optional software modules available, e.g. for multi-step / multi-layer stripping


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