Automatic cable feeding with ramatech cable dereeler systems

Ramatech cable dereelers can easily be integrated into new or existing production lines. The dereeling speed of the cable dereelers adapts to the respective speed of the downstream processing machine. The mounted cable reservoir / accumulator transports any cable gently and with controlled tension. This avoids length deviations caused by uncontrolled elongation of the cable during feeding. Cable spools can be changed easily and quickly without any effort, irrespective of their weight, by rolling in at floor level. Furthermore, additional loops on the cable reservoir allow small and flexible cables to be processed at high speed levels. The robust design supports low maintenance costs. Your production is important to us. Just like you, we expect a maximum of performance and therefore invest a great deal of time in the development of ideal solutions. We encourage you to benefit from our decades of experience in this special field!

Special features of the rama series

  •  Unique spool clamping system for the easiest possible handling of cable spools
  •  Special spool centering fixtures ensure safe operation
  •  As an option also a cable-end-clamp-device is available
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