Automatic feeding of cables

The unique spool clamping system of the rama series was developed by ramatech to allow operators the easiest possible handling of cable spools. Even heavy cable spools can be rolled into the dereeler and easily clamped and lifted using the hand-held control. Special spool centering fixtures ensure safe operation, and make driving pins and spool axles redundant (with exception of rama 1600).


  • The cable-end-control detects whenever a cable spool has come to an end by means of a sensor. In such cases the machine automatically stops the production line. As an option also a cable-end-clamp-device is available. This additionally clamps the residual cable when a cable end is detected
  • The cable reservoir mounted on the machine allows for the combination of a dynamic cable performance paired with controlled tension (pulling force)
  • The unique cable-recoil-detection observes the feeding direction and immediately stops the machine in case of fixed cable ends (to the drums) or jammed cable on a drum.


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