The ramatech winding machines with center drive are designed for integrative cooperation between man and machine. The operator works on and with the machine and has access to various auxiliary functions. After the empty drum has been loaded, the drum is clamped, lifted and the cable (or winding material) will be fixed. The target length can be entered or transferred by scanner. After the start of the winding process, speed as well as tractive force can be variably adjusted. Preset acceleration and deceleration ramps guarantee a smooth start and stop of the winding process. Based on automatic diameter scanning, the cable is automatically layed between the left and right drum flanges during the winding process.

Depending on the system, automatic pre-positioning of the quills and also automatic drum take-up operations are possible. Drum clamping can also be automated on the W1250, as well as the drum lifting. After the winding process, a "push-out" function is available on the W1400, which specifically strips drums from the quills and prepare them to roll away.

Optional plug-in coil winding units for cable coiling are available.



Please have a look into the production with a W1400P winding machine

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