Hot printer MG25

The hot printer MG25 is suited for the single-side printing of strands and cable. The heated impression disc is temporarily pressed onto the material, leaving an abrasion-resistant and clearly legible print. The hot printer is triggered by the downstream cutting or stripping machine. Marking time and –depth as well as the contact pressure can be adjusted to the material individually. The impression discs are made to the customers’ demand.

Technical data

Impression disc:

20 or 27 symbols

No. of discs:

up to 30 discs (using a character width of 4 mm)

Character size:

1 – 5 mm

Temperature range:

70 – 180 °C

Marking time:

up to 1.0 sec


500 mm


500 mm


700 mm


up to 8 mm


50 kg

Compressed air supply:

3 bar / 22 psi

Power supply:

230 V / 50 – 60 Hz

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