Corrugated tube cutting machine WSM30 E touch

The corrugated tube cutting machine WSM30 E touch is suitable to cut non-slitted corrugated tubes of 5 mm (NW 3) to 32 mm (NW 26) outer diameter. The cut is carried out in rotation mode, where the cutting blades turn continuously round the product to cut the material at the precise position of the specified length on the crest.

The intuitive touch panel allows the user to start simple productions in the quick mode, by entering the length and number of items. In the full program mode, product-specific parameters can be stored quickly and clearly for a large number of products and production processes. The new PLC is not only smarter but also more efficient. The production speed could be increased by up to 20% compared to the conventional machine.
With the combination of optimized usability and speed, the WSM30 E touch is always flexible to use. Even microstocks can be manufactured economically.

Optionally, the WSM30 E touch is fitted with a slitting unit, which slits the corrugated tube longitudinally. This allows to build up stocks of non-slitted corrugated tubes which can be finally processed as slitted or non-slitted material.

Accessorily available is an applicable stand (as shown in the picture).

Technical data

Outer tube diameter:

5.0 mm (NW 3) – 32.0 mm (NW 26)

Cutting head drive:

Three-phase motor

Feed drive:


Length input:

0.01 mm steps

max. length input:

99,999.00 mm

max. feed rate:

1.2 m/s




Touch panel



Upper belt lift:


Operating hours, total pieces counter


Stop material end:


Electricity supply:

230 V / 50-60 Hz (optional 110 V)

Compressed air supply:

4 bar / 58 psi

Dimensions WxHxD:

900 x 1000 x 500 mm


140 kg

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