Cable accumulator KSP8000

The cable accumulator KSP8000 can be used as speed regulator as for example for coil unwinders
of the SAR-range (i.e. SAR800, SAR1000, SAR1250).

By use of all available load rollers, the unit can store approx. 8 m of material. The movable lower unit of rollers is pneumatically supported and can either be supplied with air or discharged by means of a pressure regulator. By means of a dancer arm with pneumatic valve, the compressed air support is energised and the processing machine can easily move the lower roller unit up in order to withdraw the material.

By means of a dancer arm with potentiometer, the set-point is – depending on the materials’ position – given to the coil unwinder and herewith controls the unwinding process.

As soon as the processing machine stopps, the accumulator is refilled and only after this process, the dancer arm sinks and the unwinder also stopps.

Technical data


1500 mm


900 mm


2000 mm

Max. material diameter:

16 mm

Power supply:

via connection cable to the coil unwinder

Compressed air supply:

6 bar / 87 psi

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