Three-point-controller DPR1000 C

With the three-point-controller DPR1000 C, Ulmer offers the perfect speed control to its customers for machines as for example of the SM15-range or WSM30 / WSM60-range. By means of three laserlight-barriers, the position of the material in process is detected and the connected cutting machine is stopped, respectively released to continue processing. This allows an easy integration in extrusion processes.

Alternatively, a setpoint can be send by the three-point-controller to the connected machinery,
whereby additional adjustments to the cutting machine become unnecessary.

Due to this detection system, the material is not mechanically stressed by a dancer arm, which is in particular of advantage when processing very light or flexible items.

Technical data


400 mm


400 mm


1200 mm

Power apply:

230 V / 50-60 Hz

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