Prefeeder with accumulator ZG400 B2SP

The ZG400 B2SP is based on the ZG400 prefeeder and is therefore used to feed stranded wires, cables and ropes that are provided on larger spools with a weight of up to 300 kg. Various machines can be used with the ZG400 B2SP for further processing, e.g. Cut & Strip machines. The speed control for pulling the material of the spool is optimized by the built-in accumulator. The material storage of 3 m takes place via three roll packages with a roll diameter of 216 mm and a width of 23 mm. The material to be conveyed must be flexible enough to be wrapped around the rollers. The material is fed via two feeding belts, which can be driven by a servo motor to a speed of up to 1.35 m / s. The speed is controlled by the dancer arm of the material storage and the acceleration ramp can be selected in three stages.
All operating elements are easily accessible on the device.

Technical data




up to 1.35 m/s

Length (incl. dancer):

1350 mm


550 mm


1500 mm

Passage height:

max. 20 mm

Feeding height:

1090 mm

max. spool weight:

300 kg

Machine weight:

150 kg

Compressed air supply:

max. 4 bar

Power supply:

230 V / 50-60 Hz /16 A

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