FTM - Flexible Taping Machine


A workbench taping system for insulating or bundling splices or wires.

Typical processing time of 1.8 seconds.

All-in-one machine: normal and end-splices (optional tool), without additional setups. Diameter detection (smart gripper) supplied as standard.

Communication with USW machines;

Tool free and easy tape replacement.

Teflon blade, without oil circuit.


ITM - Integrated Taping Machine

A integrated taping system for performing spot taping on in-line processes.

It can be integrated with other machines like Cut & Strip machines or Twisting machines.

It has a typical processing time of 1.8 seconds.

When not in use, the machine can be pushed back without being disassembled, using a slider.

DLT - Double Layer Taper


The DLT- Double Layer Taper, is a workbench taping machine to produce double layer tapes from 2 single layer tapes.
The use of double layer tapes in the taping process of wire harnesses has many advantages, being the most important the fact that the glue will not stick to the wires, allowing free movement and flexibility of the cables.
The machine allows to produce double tapes with different configurations, stored in pre-defined programs. It is possible to define the overlap of tapes, the diameter of tapes and the desired length of the final tape. It also allows to process tapes with different widths and to adjust the speed of reeling.

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