Unwinder ARG450 T – ARG1200 T

The passive unwinders of the series ARG450 T to ARG1200 T are designed to unwind hose coils such as corrugated tubes, hydraulic and compressed air tube as well as similar material of up to 30 kg coil weight. The ARG is also applicable for light wire harnesses.

The inner ball bearing rotary table allows an easy unwinding of the material, whereas the 200 mm high winding protection prevents the material from coming off the rotary table. An integrated brake reduces the run after action of the table after a strong pulling action.

The 390 mm long center rods may easily be adjusted to hose coils of different core diameters.

The unwinder is optionally available as a stand version as ARG450 to ARG1200.

For the medical sector, we also offer stainless steel winding protection.

Technical data


ARG450 T

ARG600 T

ARG800 T


610 mm

760 mm

960 mm

Total height:

600 mm

600 mm

600 mm

Discharge height:

220 mm

220 mm

220 mm

Max. container weight:

30 kg

30 kg

30 kg


130 – 200 mm

130 – 380 mm

200 – 600 mm


22 kg

27 kg

35 kg

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