Rotary plate DT1600 AUF

The rotary plate DT1600 AB was especially designed to wind up corrugated tube packed in large units or of long running lengths. It can host octabinal containers with corrugated tube for example. The corrugated tube is guided to the discharge point by guiding nozzles and forwarded to the connected cutting machine. The speed is controlled by a dancer arm, which is placed on the material.

The required direction of rotation is selected by means of the SPS-control.

With the DT1600 AUF, Ulmer GmbH offers a different model to its customers, which is designed to fill octabinal containers. The DT1600 AUF operates in-line with extrusion machinery. The position is controlled by the SPS-Control.

Both models can optionally be equipped with a loading ramp. This enables the operator to place the octabinal container including the pallet on the rotary plate DT1600.

Technical data


three-phase-current 0.75 kW


up to 1.0m/s


compact control panel (SPS)


2100 mm


1600 mm


1200 kg


337 kg

Power supply:

230 V, 50-60 Hz

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