DIN Rail Cutter RC 200


Technical data RC 200

Applicable DIN profiles

TH 35-15; TH 35-7.5

Gauge length

1000 mm

Unit of measure

mm (inch on request)

Dimensions (L x W x H)

77 x 212 x 610 mm


4 kg / 8.8 lbs

Mobile device that cuts
mounting rails to length, fast

  • Increases safety in the workplace
  • Lightweight design for mobile use
  • No noise
  • No chips
  • No rework necessary
  • Easy to operate

The RC 200 enables precise, burr-free cutting of mounting rails with little effort – and without leaving chips behind. The cut edges are precisely angled – so no rework is necessary. The RC 200 works silently and guarantees maximum workplace safety.

The dimension rail with length stop ensures the mounting rails are cut to length quickly and with millimeter precision. Thanks to the easily removable length stop and wide range of mounting options, the compact RC 200 is a mobile device that is ideal for frequently changing workplaces.

Areas of use

  • Switch cabinet building


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