Twin Station Cable Coiler DTW400

The motor driven and fully synchronized cable coiler DTW400 has been developed for the in-line production with cutting machines and stripping units.

The DTW400 is suitable for coiling flexible cable in two alternating pots whereby the winding diameter can be easily adjusted.

The use of two pots ensures a particularly efficient production flow. While one pot is in the process of coiling, the operator can unload the second pot and release it by pedal.

The changeover between the pots is carried out automatically by means of the switch and the data exchange between the DTW400 and the delivering machine. Thereby stoppage times are cut down to a minimum.

Short setup times between different material provide a profitable processing even for small batches.

Technical data

Cable diameter:

2.0 – 18.0 mm

Coil diameter:

135 – 400 mm

Max. weight in pot:

10 kg

Minimum length:

2.0 m

Control panel:

membrane keypad


2 x servo 560 W


 900 mm


1150 mm


 750 mm


 110 kg

Power supply:

230 V / 50-60 Hz / 16 A


Komax, Kappa 3xx, further options are available on request

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