Linear accumulator LSP5000

For the speed regulation of – for example – coil unwinders of the SAR-range (i.e. SAR 800, SAR 1000, SAR 1250), the linear accumulator LSP5000 is ideally suited. The compact design offers a space-optimized positioning between the SAR and the processing machine.

The unit can store up to approx. 5 m of material, if using all load rollers. The movable lower unit of rollers is pneumatically supported and can either be supplied with air or discharged by means of a pressure regulator. This enables the processing of thin wire as well as material of larger widths. Material with a maximum width of up to 14 mm can be processed. An easy access of the setting unit is given by the placement on the outer side of the LSP5000.

By means of an analogue sensor which is moved by the lower roller unit, the set-point is – depending on the materials’ position – given to the unwinder and herewith controls the unwinding process.

Electrical power is supplied by means of a socket which is placed directly at the coil unwinder.

Technical data


800 mm


600 mm


2000 mm

Power supply:

by connection cable to the coil unwinder

Compressed air supply:

6 bar / 87 psi

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