Sag control DHS1000 D

The sag control unit DHS1000 D is applicable as speed control and operates by contact-free detection of the materials’ sag and provides, according to the material position, setpoints to the connected machines. For adjustment control, 5 light barriers have been installed, which can be applied in position and direction to the relevant application.

Due to this type of regulation, the material is not mechanically stressed by a dancer arm, which is in particular of advantage, when processing very light or flexible items.

The DHS1000 D can be connected with, for example, coil unwinders of the SAR800 to SAR1250-range as well as with units of the ZG200 B2, ZG400 B2 and ZG15 S.

Technical data


400 mm


400 mm


1200 mm

Power apply:

230 V / 50-60 Hz

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