Wiring Duct Cutter DC 125


Technical data 

Cutting width 125 mm
Gauge length 1000 mm
Unit of measure mm (inch on request)
Cutting blade Hardened
Dimensions (L x W x H)    1290 x 290 x 760 mm
Weight 10.5 kg / 23.2 lbs

Clean work without chips

  • Burr-free cut edges
  • No noise, no chips
  • Quick and easy cutting
  • Ducts cut precisely to the millimeter
  • Blade guard guarantees secure operation

With the use of this device, loud and dirty work spaces become a thing of the past. Cable ducts can be cut at right angles, without burrs and with little force. The length stop and a scale guarantee perfect working result

Areas of use

  • Switch cabinet building



  • 2 meter scale
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